Sunday, 5 June 2011

OMG! Where is Xgen Studios?!?!???!?!?

Alright so I've had this game for about.. 2 months now and I've never been able to find Xgen Studios. Well today (05/06/2011) I found it! If you're a noob like me and you need help tryna find it well here's a screenshot.

Yup ima n00b

Job Mastering: Rewards

McSticks - Free food card Pay:$35
Pizza Boy - Free slice of pizza Pay: $0 to $110
Pro Skateboarder - A pro skateboard Pay:$140
Hacker- The internet (+50 intelligence) Pay:$220
Policeman-  A combat shotgun (Weapon) Pay:$206
Corporate Zombie- A cheap watch Pay:$75
Doctor - Stethoscope(+75 intelligence) Pay:$594
Xgen Studios - The masamune (Weapon) Pay:$175
Rockstar- Platinum record (+40 charm) Pay:$390
Sniper- Secret weapon (Weapon) Pay:$357
Milkman -Cow bell (+10 strength and +10 charm) Pay:$60
Pimp- pimp Hat (+100 charm) Pay:$270
Drug Dealer- Hall of fame bat(weapon) Pay:$240
Graffiti Artist - Infamous arts(+random) Pay:$82
Kitty Exterminator - Nothing Pay:$5

How to Get A Hoverboard

In order to get a hoverboard you need to obtain all 4 trophemon.

Trophemon 1:
Buy a  pizza from joes' pizza ($37), and a shake from McSticks ($3) and give them to the DJ at The Club.

Trophemon 2 
Give Grand slam burger to construction worker by casino, ($75) then use the ladder he gives you and help the lady with a lost cat .

Trophemon 3  
Give the guitarist on street 2 change 10-11 times 

Trophemon 4 
Purchase cigarettes ($45), Cuban cigars($2350), and a lighter ($75) (You can purchases all 3 from the contraband salesman)  Now give them to the body guard at Vinnies.

For negative karma, give them to the eccentric millionaire near the mobster tower.
For positive karma give them to the animal activist Annie in the evening near the basement house.

Street Guitarist
Construction worker who wants burger

Contraband Salesman
Vinnies Bouncer

Saturday, 4 June 2011

How to Get a Sledgehammer

Alright so you want a sledgehammer? 

1. First go to Wally Mart.
2. Purchase a roll of toilet paper. ($1)
3. Go to the Skye's Bar
4. Go into the restrooms
5.  Give the guy the toilet paper and tahdah!


Guy on the John in the Skye's Bar washrooms

Go into the male washrooms

Skye's Bar

How to Beat the Game

The stick dude at the beginning tells you about 4D objects.

4D Hyper Cube

-Defeat the yellow stick at chess at the U of S (+Intelligence)
- Go to the police department and give the man in the 2nd cell  $10,000 (-Karma)
-Buy it 

Klein Bottle
-Give the depressed guy on far right of street 1 painkillers (-Karma), he gives squegie give to guy by dumpsters on street 3 
- Fight the guy at the bar in the club 
- Buy it

-Mobius strip:
- Give the guy outside the cozy condos at night 3 coca (-Karma)
- Give the police 3 coca (+Karma)
- Buy it

When you get all 3 goto the U of S and talk to the teacher at the front of the room. He will give you keys to the lab. When you goto the lab you will be engaged in battle. When you defeat all the henchmen you will be greeted by the teacher. You must fight and defeat him to win the game.

Prince At the Police Station
The Classroom Doors (Walk in to meet Ansel)


The Chess Guy at U of S
Depressed Guy

Coca Addict

Stick Rpg 2 - Directors Cut Free!

Alright so Xgen Studios again wants $20 for their full version. Well I've taken the liberty of  uploading it to mediafire for y'all to download. All cheats, full screen, access to offline gameplay etc. No scams, no surveys, no time wasted. :D