Sunday, 5 June 2011

How to Get A Hoverboard

In order to get a hoverboard you need to obtain all 4 trophemon.

Trophemon 1:
Buy a  pizza from joes' pizza ($37), and a shake from McSticks ($3) and give them to the DJ at The Club.

Trophemon 2 
Give Grand slam burger to construction worker by casino, ($75) then use the ladder he gives you and help the lady with a lost cat .

Trophemon 3  
Give the guitarist on street 2 change 10-11 times 

Trophemon 4 
Purchase cigarettes ($45), Cuban cigars($2350), and a lighter ($75) (You can purchases all 3 from the contraband salesman)  Now give them to the body guard at Vinnies.

For negative karma, give them to the eccentric millionaire near the mobster tower.
For positive karma give them to the animal activist Annie in the evening near the basement house.

Street Guitarist
Construction worker who wants burger

Contraband Salesman
Vinnies Bouncer


  1. what time is vinnie guy there

  2. Amazing it does work Achievement is "Great Scott"

  3. Dj doesn't Have the icon above him for me:(

    1. You have to wait untill the afternoon not at night

    2. the construction workers are not there anymore what do i do?

    3. different times different poeple show up try a different time in game time

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  5. why dosnt the dj have the icon

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