Sunday, 5 June 2011

Job Mastering: Rewards

McSticks - Free food card Pay:$35
Pizza Boy - Free slice of pizza Pay: $0 to $110
Pro Skateboarder - A pro skateboard Pay:$140
Hacker- The internet (+50 intelligence) Pay:$220
Policeman-  A combat shotgun (Weapon) Pay:$206
Corporate Zombie- A cheap watch Pay:$75
Doctor - Stethoscope(+75 intelligence) Pay:$594
Xgen Studios - The masamune (Weapon) Pay:$175
Rockstar- Platinum record (+40 charm) Pay:$390
Sniper- Secret weapon (Weapon) Pay:$357
Milkman -Cow bell (+10 strength and +10 charm) Pay:$60
Pimp- pimp Hat (+100 charm) Pay:$270
Drug Dealer- Hall of fame bat(weapon) Pay:$240
Graffiti Artist - Infamous arts(+random) Pay:$82
Kitty Exterminator - Nothing Pay:$5

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