Saturday, 4 June 2011

How to Beat the Game

The stick dude at the beginning tells you about 4D objects.

4D Hyper Cube

-Defeat the yellow stick at chess at the U of S (+Intelligence)
- Go to the police department and give the man in the 2nd cell  $10,000 (-Karma)
-Buy it 

Klein Bottle
-Give the depressed guy on far right of street 1 painkillers (-Karma), he gives squegie give to guy by dumpsters on street 3 
- Fight the guy at the bar in the club 
- Buy it

-Mobius strip:
- Give the guy outside the cozy condos at night 3 coca (-Karma)
- Give the police 3 coca (+Karma)
- Buy it

When you get all 3 goto the U of S and talk to the teacher at the front of the room. He will give you keys to the lab. When you goto the lab you will be engaged in battle. When you defeat all the henchmen you will be greeted by the teacher. You must fight and defeat him to win the game.

Prince At the Police Station
The Classroom Doors (Walk in to meet Ansel)


The Chess Guy at U of S
Depressed Guy

Coca Addict

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